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Smart switchboard: changing the quality of CRM and your business

The smart switchboard changes the quality of services, strengthening the quality of the relationship and the business because management of the call, associated with a set of highly functional information, guarantees an accurate response in every case, becoming the pivotal point of the CRM activities of any organisation

Geofencing: Beacon-enabled RTLS by Bluvision

Bluvision architecture is a system based on the concept of geofencing, which supports a range of applications using beacons and hot spots: from surveillance of vehicles, livestock, people, equipment, pallets and warehouse products, to marketing initiatives associated with the transmission of any type of advertising or promotional message.

Honeywell Global Tracking: Track and monitor assets. Anywhere.

Honeywell Global Tracking delivers end-to-end satellite-based products and services for tracking, monitoring and protecting high-value assets and people in all regions of the world. Tenenga, as Platinum Partner Honeywell, is not only a dealer but a system integrator for all your needs.
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Warehouse management: SQUARED WM is the best!

Warehouse is the warehouse management solution that makes it possible to obtain data using any mobile device, to verify them and make them available to the company IT system, ensuring the greatest possible level of integration.


TTE is an automated management solution that traces explosives, resolving procedures with greater efficiency, starting with the creation of unique identification codes for each and every package unit.


Describo is a solution for the traceability and reverse traceability of meats, which, thanks to a system of unique coding, tracks the final product from the breeding farm to the shelf.

Fides Code

Fides Code is a solution that allows operators to identify every single bag or container, ensuring cities, waste management companies and final consumers service that is precise, punctual and correct, with more equitable and virtuous reporting.