Automatic identification is a technology that brings intelligence to the service of things, animals and people, allowing companies and organizations to better manage (and better understand) each individual phase of their business processes.

Tenenga Alliance Group is much more than just a provider and or systems integrator. We start from the knowledge that every type of business has its own logic about information management, with company dynamics characterized by different needs, infrastructures and processes. Our team brings together expert specialists in hardware, software, networking and services, each with particular sectorial expertise that makes it possible to reach a real understanding of the problems and their solutions.

Our collaboration only begins when we have thoroughly understood the needs involved, defined the objectives, and studied the environments in which the technologies are to be integrated. We introduce innovation only following a careful project of analysis, consultancy, design and testing. These phases are indispensable to the success of a project, once they have been completed we move on the implementation of a solution, offering support, training and assistance in order to guarantee the value of a partnership dedicated to obtaining concrete results.