Our strength is a union of expertise and experience. Over the years we have carried out numerous important IT projects, working side-by-side with companies.

Tenenga Alliance Group designs automation solutions that offer data transparency, operational efficiency and functional coverage, reducing delays and errors to guarantee both public and private companies and organizations results that are certain.

In addition to the value of application development, hardware is another important asset of our service offering because it is the result of careful assessment in selecting brands and systems not only on the basis of the cost/performance ratio but also on a return of investment studied alongside the client.

Our portfolio of solutions includes a broad range of items: printers, barcode labels, RFID and NFC systems, 1D and 2D fixed and handheld barcode scanners, biometrics systems, ADC (Automatic Data Capture) systems, RFID tunnel and gate/portal, interactive totems and objects rendered intelligent through the advanced use of sensors, which include biometrics, geolocalization and georeferencing solutions.