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Honeywell Global Tracking delivers end-to-end satellite-based products and services for tracking, monitoring and protecting high-value assets and people in all regions of the world. Tenenga, as Platinum Partner Honeywell, is not only a dealer but a system integrator for all your needs. The added value of this kind of identification solutions is they not using GSM networks or similar, so they guarantees coverage anywhere on the globe exclusively via satellite network. This will protect goods, vehicles and people wherever they are, at sea or on land. Anytime, anywhere.
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Honeywell Portable Tracker

Portable Tracker HoneywellHoneywell’s Personal Tracker is ideal for workers and teams who need a dependable communications solution in challenging environments. Drawing on the reliability of Iridium’s LEO satellite architecture, it transforms a smartphone into a tracking and messaging device that improves lone worker safety by providing GPS location, interactive SOS and two-way text messaging when standard means of communication are not available. Utilizing Iridium’s low-earth orbit satellite network for 100% Global coverage, the device tracks and monitors assets and individuals anywhere in the world with field-proven and affordable satellite connectivity. Quickly locate and communicate with team members, check status and send/receive messages directly to/ from other devices. Send 90 characters of free text and receive up to 140 characters or use one of 50 available user defined pre-set messages. Three operational modes: The Personal Tracker can operate as a stand-alone tracker and SOS beacon. It can also be Bluetooth paired with a smartphone via the Honeywell app for more advanced feature options or it can be used as an all in one device with an optional holder for integrating both smartphone and Tracker for power sharing and charging. Alerts can be initiated either via the dedicated SOS button on the device or via the smartphone app. SOS acknowledgement can be shown on the smartphone screen and via the Personal Tracker’s LED.


Honeywell Global Tracking SAT-401 Next-Generation Satellite Terminal

Tracking is a next-generation multi-purpose satellite terminal for tracking and monitoring high-value assets like vehicles, vessels, and cargo containers. Once assets have been equipped with a SAT-401 terminal and deployed in the field, the device automatically selects the most appropriate satellite and transmits its location and any additional message data via secure systems. The SAT-401 terminal can be used in virtually all environments and is favored in remote regions where terrestrial communication cannot be relied upon. Even more compact in size than its predecessor, the SAT-401 provides global coverage and can be programmed to send and receive customized data from internal and external sensors – including temperature, humidity, vibration and shock. Like many of Honeywell Global Tracking’s terminals, the SAT-401 uses the Inmarsat constellation of satellites and the IsatM2M standard. This connectivity method delivers an affordable and reliable direct-to-desktop information service with fast and easy-to-use message handling. The SAT-401 terminal has three fully configurable inputs/outputs for sensor monitoring, and one open drain output suitable for driving relays and other indicators. The data-logging function includes GPS positions, transmissions and data for up to 20,000 entries which are accessible locally via the serial port. All transmissions are logged with a record of the time the message was created and if applicable, when it was transmitted.

Honeywell Global Tracking Ultra-Rugged 

Weld-on and impact-resistant, the Ultra-Rugged GSM Tracker from Honeywell Global Tracking offers cutting edge security and management support for business property – ensuring your assets are never out of your sight, wherever in the world they may be. Specially designed for minimum power usage, the Ultra-Rugged GSM Tracker devices easily outlive the 5-year lifespan of an average asset – with batteries that last for up to10 years. The presence of an Ultra-Rugged GSM Tracker on your asset deters theft from the outset, and its patented impact-resistant casing means once it’s on, it’s there to stay – it’s even bulletproof. So should your asset be moved without your consent, the Ultra-Rugged GSM Tracker will move with it, and alert you instantly via your choice of SMS or email. Our easy-to-use system lets you set time and location-specific parameters for every asset you own. You’ll always know the exact location of your property – even in the event of unexpected activity. With each device comes access to your own online console, offering your business a whole host of management tools to boost efficiency – from instant access to the full hire history of any asset (including every journey it has made, and even its individual profitability), to simplified customer billing and job allocation. The Ultra-Rugged GSM Tracker is suitable for tracking trailers, containers, agricultural machinery, heavy equipment and more.

TAM-242 satellite terminal

from Honeywell Global Tracking allows users to track and monitor fixed and mobile assets such as trailers, containers, tanks and railcars, anywhere in the world. This slimline solution requires no external power source, as the standard internal battery will provide at least one month of maintenance-free operation (depending on reporting intervals). The flexible TAM-242 generates highly accurate GPS position reports, sends secure position logs and offers configurable reporting intervals and remote polling. Like many of Honeywell Global Tracking’s terminals, the TAM-242 uses the Inmarsat constellation of satellites and the IsatM2M standard. This connectivity method offers an affordable and reliable direct-to-desktop information service with fast and easy-to-use message handling. In addition to using fixed mounting points, the TAM-242 incorporates strong magnetic feet, making it possible for users to quickly install and de-install the device, without damaging any asset surfaces. The TAM-242 satellite terminal uses a rechargeable battery and can be connected to a number of optional sensors, collecting a wide range of data for applications like cargo container intrusion detection (e.g., temperature, humidity, vibration, and shock) and vehicle fleet usage patterns (e.g. speed, braking, fuel consumption, and tire pressure).

Honeywell Global Tracking

Honeywell-Global-Tracking-TenengaHoneywell Global Tracking is a global provider of satellite terminals, applications, network connectivity, and professional services for industrial tracking, monitoring, and management of mobile, fixed assets. We provide hardware, network and applications that work together to deliver a cost-effective, integrated approach for tracking and monitoring of vehicles, vessels and heavy equipment, as well as most importantly vulnerable personnel, around the globe.

With decades of experience in satellite communications, Honeywell Global Tracking understands the unique challenges involved in tracking remote assets, and is in a unique position to deliver high value solutions for your security tracking and visibility needs across many different industry requirements.

This integrated approach delivers a cost-effective and risk-reducing solution with many added benefits, including reduced insurance premiums.

























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