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Indoor and outdoor geolocation in real time? The answer is NIPS

Real-time geolocation by means of a solution capable of guaranteeing geographic positioning of two- or three-dimensional objects with a precision measured in centimetres? The answer is NIPS, a solution that guarantees highly evolved RTLS performance.

Called NIPS, or the Nextechs Indoor Positioning System, the geolocation solution proposed by Tenenga is based on direct measurement of the propagation time of radio signals travelling from a transmitter (NODE) to a receiver (TAG). Thanks to electronics nanotechnology in the Ultra Wide Band frequency range, the NIPS system reflects the state of the art in RTLS systems, achieving unparalleled performance levels compared to solutions based on alternative technology (ultrasound, laser, WiFi or Bluetooth) or direct and indirect (fingerprinting-based) methods.

Each measurement is made in fractions of a second, with resolution and precision in the order of centimetres. NIPS is an industrial grade system designed for the simultaneous geolocation of even several thousand objects in a matter of seconds.

Plug&Play Solution designed to simplify the use of innovative tools and information, NIPS requires a dedicated server for large-scale and/or secure applications, or it can be run via a cloud computing model supported by the high-performance Nextechs server hosted by Google. The advantage? A Software as a Service based approach that guarantees geolocation performance of the latest generation while simultaneously removing the need to deal with system maintenance requirements and updates.

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