SixTrue: guaranteed unequivocal identification using just a smartphone

SixTrue is an innovative technology that can be used alongside biometrics for the unequivocal certification of products, guaranteeing their uniqueness, exclusiveness, and history. SixTrue is a breakthrough codification system that offers a technological response to businesses to allow tracking and traceability of each individual product, reporting all the details transparently and intuitively and providing consumers with clear information simply by means of a smartphone. From wines to cheeses, cured meats, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar or preserves, it’s finally possible to share the passion, uniqueness and quality of information, protecting brands and consumers alike to present the world with the digital fingerprint of certified and completely authentic Italian Made products.


About SixTrue: how it works and why it makes a difference

SixTrue combines the functional versatility and low cost of QR codes with a randomly generated exclusive and stylish coloured surround or “sign”: applied by a dedicated print system, the ink droplets create unique labels that are completely inimitable, just like a digital fingerprint.

You can generate a SixTrue sign on any print line (flexo, digital, offset, …), producing a different sign for each single product. In the application process, microcapsules containing pure colour pigments are distributed randomly and then crushed on the substrate surface. This process creates a different sign every time with countless billions of possible combinations. The sign cannot be copied even by the same printer on the same printing line, thus guaranteeing total anti-counterfeiting security… and at a cost that is far lower than that of alternative anti-counterfeiting solutions.

The system can be implemented in different configurations: incorporated in a printing line or installed in stand-alone mode on a dedicated machine. The video camera installed at the printing system outfeed records the images of the printed signs and transmits them to an image processing station for subsequent filing on the SixTrue system where they are made available on a cloud.

Sixtrue-appWherever they are, consumers can read the information associated with the QR code using a smartphone app available from all app stores to check the authenticity of the labelled products. The highly distinctive app logo is instantly recognisable.

Simultaneously, SixTrue offers the certification required to provide unequivocal and absolutely inimitable confirmation of the identification sign associated with the specific individual product, distinct from all others. The SixTrue sign distinguishes each individual item, allowing it to be recognised by the authenticity verification system.

The database of product information associated with the signs can be managed by SixTrue or directly by the brand. If managed by the brand, information related to the product for which the authenticity verification has been transmitted will be requested in real time by the SixTrue database from the brand database.

Unique, economical, exclusive

The idea behind the development of SixTrue was to create an identification system that is non-reproducible, intuitive, and economical to produce, and simple to check.


The signs are activated by the brand only once they are applied to the product. Until activated by the brand, SixTrue signs are not valid so the system is impervious to parallel production initiatives and theft. On performing the authenticity check, consumers receive the information supplied directly by the brand.

SixTrue application segments? Practically limitless, because they protect “Made in” claims and the authenticity of any producer that intends to distinguish its products, promoting the unique nature and high quality of production.

Thanks to its ability to combine product authentication with the delivery of product information, SixTrue is compatible with a vast range of sectors, including:

Food products: a full range of information can be provided for animal or vegetable products: nutrition, area of origin, insemination and harvesting systems, processing and storage methods, distribution times and criteria. This makes it possible to guarantee both the quality of the product and the health of consumers with an exclusive, unequivocal and certified label.

Medicines: in addition to guaranteeing the authenticity of pharmaceutical products, additional information can be provided to show the expiry date and precautions.

Toys: secure knowledge of the origin of toys protects against the risk of giving children items that are not in compliance with safety regulations and are made using potentially hazardous parts or chemicals.

Loyalty point collections: when used to check loyalty point collections SixTrue increases the efficiency and reduces the cost of initiatives addressed to consumers.

Prize draws: SixTrue prevents the distribution of counterfeit cards and tickets.

Automotive spares: SixTrue labels for replacement parts can be attached to the receipt to certify the use of new and original components for an added safety guarantee.

Warranties: SixTrue protects the brand because it ensures that products shown on the warranty are the products effectively purchased by the consumer, thus eliminating the risk of switching with apparently identical but non-original products.

Fashion & Design: SixTrue protects the purchase value, the uniqueness of the concept, the quality of workmanship and the value of products that are free of toxic and allergenic substances, strictly in compliance with statutory legislation, protecting the consumer’s purchase on the one hand and confirming the unique brand identity on the other.






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