Smart switchboard: changing the quality of CRM and your business

Smart switchboards change the quality of services, and not just services linked to voice communications. Thanks to the convergence between voice and data, telephone switchboards of the latest generation enhance the quality of the customer relationship and the business because call management, associated with a set of highly functional information, guarantees an accurate response in every case, becoming the pivotal point of the CRM activities of any company or public agency, whatever the sector: finance, healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, transport and logistics, distribution, mass retail, utilities, oil & gas, and services.

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How and why the smart switchboard is fundamental to CRM

Whether it’s the company switchboard or the switchboard of a call center, help desk or any other point of contact, CRM now embraces the multi-channel world, using the best digital technologies to develop a new dialogue with co-workers, partners, clients, consumers and citizens and exploiting only the best aspects of innovation.

In this context, Tenenga’s portfolio of products now offers a solution of the latest generation: DataKnowl, a modular platform that delivers all the functions of a smart switchboard across multiple application horizons.

The central module of the service is called V-Voice. This application is a virtual operator/agent, active 24/7, that provides user support and assistance, helping human operators manage calls with an unprecedented level of information and speed, plus the ability to handle more than 10 thousand calls simultaneously. The accuracy and quality of the response thus increases the perception of value added among end users with respect to the service offered. By reducing waiting times and user management cost, V-Voice allows you to manage call queues and out-of-hours requests, receive alerts for emergencies and service outages, transferring the call to the most suitable operator thanks to an automatic call routing system that can solve problems even directly, thanks to Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology.

Companies and organisations can deliver reservation services or manage orders and telesales 24/7 in self-service mode, with automatic acquisition of orders and management of customer details. The solution supports inbound and outbound campaigns, making automatic calls, with freely configurable text. It can be used to conduct surveys and measure customer satisfaction by means of questions delivered in natural language, also making use of voice recognition capabilities. And that’s not all: V-Voice allows you to communicate selected events to the contacts database, deadline and payment alerts, and handle confirmation or editing of customer or citizen master data.

Designed to manage communication in the present and the futureV-Voice features a sophisticated analytics engine capable of gathering data (big data management) and analysing them in real time using highly evolved customisable analytic functions.

The next application in the suite is the Support Ticket System, which can be fully integrated with the other DataKnowl services and is immediately usable by your employees. The service is based on opening and closing of tickets, i.e. requests of various types (technical, sales, administrative…) used to make the relationship with the end user even more direct and productive.

Finally, SmartSMS is a complete solution to support direct marketing and CRM of the latest generation for the management, transmission and reception of SMS messages. The functions also include the facility for instant communication of news, events, and campaigns or flagging of faults, malfunctions, incidents, emergencies and service disruptions. This module makes it possible to support Customer Service by sending notifications of the reception of documents, closure of files, and rescheduling/confirmation of appointments.

DataKnowl is a cloud based Saas platform: this means that companies can use the solution in exchange for an on-demand and pay per use service charge, without having to sustain management, maintenance or updating costs.


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